Why IOT Media System?

IOT Media System supports all devices. Connect your home appliances to devices through WiFi. Your WiFi Router will transmit device's data to your mobile APP eWeLink through AWS Global deployed server. Then you can remote control your home appliances from anywhere at any time.

Quick Add

Adopts auto-search mechanism, APP can auto-search and add device ID, no manual work needed. Simple and fast!

Remote Control

Devices communicate with mobile APP via WiFi and cloud server. As long as phone has network, you can control devices from anywhere at any time.

Powerful Triggers

Support multiple trigger modes. You can program any device what to do and when to do based on another device events. Auto-execute even internet interrupts.

I want my home to show me who’s at my doorstep

Doorbell Camera

Outdoor Camera

Indoor Camera

24x7 Video Recording

Smart Locks

Zwave Thermostat

24x7 Monitoring